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The Creatures Inside The Box

Addiction manifests in many ways and has been an ongoing theme in my life. I've watched friends ruin themselves with it and I've had my own struggles as well. This is a story I wrote as a teenager somewhere around the end of the 90s and found it one day while trawling through my backups and decided to produce it into an audio story in 2017. Producing audio stories was really fun, and I'd like to do more of it.   You lock the door, reflexively on your way past to bed and stop to reflect on the futility of it: The monsters are already in here. If anything, you've trapped yourself. Pause to consider this, and try not to panic. It will not be waiting for you under the bed, you know... you locked it safe inside that Box , with all the others - and then hid it in a place that nobody would want to go. Covered in sticky layers of academia. Ugly little things. That's where they deserve to be. Why don't they just go away? Still, you can hear them, scra

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